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  • PVC/WPC Pelletizing Line
    pvc pelletizing extrusion line
  • PVC/WPC Pelletizing Line
    pvc pelletizing
  • PVC/WPC Pelletizing Line
    wpc pelletizing machine
  • pvc pelletizing extrusion line
  • pvc pelletizing
  • wpc pelletizing machine

PVC/WPC Pelletizing Line

QINGCHENYU provides quality custom PVC&WPC pelletizing extrusion lines at great prices.

PVC&WPC Pelletizing Extrusion Lines Applications:

Pelleting PVC or WPC materials based on customers' needs.

Common PVC&WPC Pelletizing Extrusion Lines Composition:

Conical Twin Screw Extruder or Parallel Twin Screw Extruder→Pelletizing Mould→Level I Air Convey → Level II Air Convey → (Vibrating Screen) →Level III Air Convey.

Features of PVC/WPC Pelletizing Line

  • Specially-designed screws make plasticizing process more stable and even, as well as increase capacity greatly.

  • Originally-designed innovative pelletizing mould ensures immediate cooling of pellets, avoiding from sticking.

Technical Specification of PVC/WPC Pelletizing Line

Extruder ModelMax Capacity(kg/h)

*Providing quality plastic processing equipment for sale, QINGCHENYU also provides other custom pelletizing lines. Feel free to contact us at any time.

PVC/WPC Pelletizing Line Video

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