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  • PVC Pipe Production Line
  • PVC Pipe Production Line
  • PVC Pipe Production Line
  • PVC Pipe Production Line
  • PVC Pipe Production Line
  • PVC Pipe Production Line
  • PVC Pipe Production Line
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PVC Pipe Production Line

PVC Pipe Production Line, constituted of various advanced extrusion technology machines, is explicitly intended to produce PVC pipes with different dimensions. Components of the production line include a mixer, twin-screw extruder, vacuum sizing machine, haul-off machine, cutting machine, and stacker. This production line guarantees a high level of precision, efficacy, and efficiency to ensure the production of top-grade PVC pipes. In building, oil and gas, and plumbing industries, PVC Pipe Production Lines are generally employed in large-scale production operations.

Features of PVC Pipe Production Line

  • The screw feeder automatically delivers the raw material.

  • The extruder is specifically designed for PVC with a nitrided and chrome-plated screw, ensuring a longer lifespan.

  • The vacuum calibration tank is made of 304 stainless steel and is equipped with a vacuum pump and water pump.

  • The tractor utilizes a rubber crawler for strong traction. Transmission parts employ gear transmission for stable operation, with speed controlled by frequency conversion.

  • Depending on the pipe diameter, the cutting machine can employ either knife lifting or ring cutting. The system is PLC-controlled.

  • The stacker employs a proximity switch to control pipe length, and a cylinder controls blanking after cutting.

  • We can recommend the optimal production plan based on different pipe diameters.

Applications of PVC Pipe Extrusion Machine

PVC extruders play an important role in the construction industry, medical and pharmaceutical fields, the automotive industry, and wire and water pipes.

Construction industry: PVC extruder can produce pipes, doors and window frames, etc. These materials are durable, corrosion resistant, cost-effective characteristics, widely used in building water supply and drainage, wire conduit system.

Medical pharmaceutical field: Because PVC is easy to disinfect and resistant to chemicals, PVC extruders can be used to produce medical supplies such as infusion tubes and blood bags to meet the hygiene and reliability requirements of the medical environment.

Automotive industry: PVC extruders are used to produce wire sheathing, chassis coating, interior trim and other parts, PVC's durability, flexibility and weather resistance make it suitable for automotive environments.

Wire and water pipe: PVC extruder can produce wire conduit and water pipe, PVC insulation, corrosion resistance, portability make it the preferred material for wire and water pipe.

The future development potential of PVC extruders in 3D printing, biodegradable materials, high-strength materials and so on is great.

Key Components of PVC Pipe Extrusion Line

The PVC pipe extrusion production line consists of the primary machine, auxiliary equipment, and a control system.

Primary Machine: At the heart of the line is the extruder, which includes the extrusion and feeding system, transmission system, heating and cooling system, and control system.

Extrusion and Feeding System: This critical element comprises a hopper, screw, and barrel, tasked with melting the material uniformly, generating pressure, and continuously extruding it through the die head under consistent pressure, temperature, and volume.

Transmission System: Comprised of an electric motor, adjusting device, and transmission mechanism, it propels the screw, providing the necessary torque and speed during operation.

Heating and Cooling System: Equipped with temperature control equipment, this system ensures the extrusion process operates within specified parameters by regulating the barrel temperature through heating and cooling methods.

Control System: Consisting of electrical components, instruments, and actuators, its function is to adjust and regulate factors like screw speed, barrel temperature, and head pressure

PVC Pipe Production Process

Technical Specification of PVC Pipe Production Line

Pipe Diameter(mm)Extruder ModelDownstream Model

Vacuum Calibration


Spraying Cooling


20-110SJZ-65/132GF-1106000mm/2 CaterpillarsSaw Cutter
50-160SJ2-65/132GF-1606000mm/3 CaterpillarsPlanetary Cutter
(or S1Z-80/156)
GF-2506000mm/3 CaterpillarsPlanetary Cutter
110-315SJZ-80/156GF-3156000mm/4 CaterillarsPlanetary Cutter
(or SJZ-92/188)
GF-4006000mm/4 CaterpillarsPlanetary Cutter
(or PS-110/28)
GF-6308000mm6000mm6 CaterpillarsPlanetary Cutter
(or PS-135/28)
GF-8008000mm6000mm8 CaterpillarsPlanetary Cutter

Recycling and Sustainability in PVC Pipe Production Line Processes

Recycling and sustainability are essential considerations in PVC pipe production line processes. PVC is a highly durable and long-lasting material, which means that most PVC pipes remain in use for decades. However, recycling PVC is crucial to minimize environmental impact, and many PVC pipe manufacturers have embraced recycling technology. During the production line development stage, manufacturers prioritize sustainability by using energy-efficient systems, minimizing waste, and adopting efficient recycling strategies. Experts recommend using materials from recycled PVC, and responsible waste management practices to minimize environmental impact. The PVC Pipe Production Line is a highly cost-effective, reliable solution for PVC production, which emphasizes both cost savings and resource considerations through innovative recycling and sustainability practices.

Innovative Cooling and Sizing Equipment for PVC Pipe Production Line

Innovative cooling and sizing equipment have become a vital part of the PVC Pipe Production Line. During the process, hot PVC material enters the sizing tank where a vacuum cooling system immediately cools the extruded pipe to the desired shape. The cutting machine then trims the excess pipe, and the haul-off pulls the pipe through the entire production line. Advanced sizing and cooling machines ensure efficient and effective cooling, which can help to avoid pipe deformities, increase the production rate, and reduce energy consumption. Using innovative cooling and sizing equipment ensures quality products at a lower production cost, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of the production line.

Video of PVC Pipe Production Line

FAQs Of PVC Pipe Production Line

  • What materials are used in PVC double pipe production line? What materials are used in PVC double pipe production line?

    PVC resin and other additives are used as the main materials in producing PVC pipes.

  • What types of industries use PVC Pipe Production Lines? What types of industries use PVC Pipe Production Lines?

    PVC Pipe Production Lines are used in a wide range of industries, such as construction, oil and gas, and plumbing.

  • Can the PVC Pipe Production Line produce pipes of various sizes? Can the PVC Pipe Production Line produce pipes of various sizes?

    Yes, PVC Pipe Production Lines can produce PVC pipes of different sizes.

  • What are the benefits of using a PVC Pipe Production Line? What are the benefits of using a PVC Pipe Production Line?

    PVC Pipe Production Line offers precision, efficacy, and efficiency, resulting in high-quality PVC pipes. It is also cost-effective and reliable, making it ideal for large-scale PVC pipe manufacturing.

  • What factors should be considered when buying a PVC pipe production line? What factors should be considered when buying a PVC pipe production line?

    Several factors should be considered when buying a PVC pipe production line. These include the capacity of the production line, the materials used in the production line, the quality of the machines, and the after-sales support provided by the manufacturer. It is important to choose a reliable and experienced manufacturer who can provide technical support and training.

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