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  • PVC Pipe (4-output) Production Line
    extrusion pipe machine
  • PVC Pipe (4-output) Production Line
    pipe extrusion machine
  • PVC Pipe (4-output) Production Line
    plastic compressed air line
  • PVC Pipe (4-output) Production Line
    plastic supply line
  • PVC Pipe (4-output) Production Line
    pipe extruder for sale
  • PVC Pipe (4-output) Production Line
    pet pipe extrusion
  • PVC Pipe (4-output) Production Line
    plastic water line coupler
  • extrusion pipe machine
  • pipe extrusion machine
  • plastic compressed air line
  • plastic supply line
  • pipe extruder for sale
  • pet pipe extrusion
  • plastic water line coupler

PVC Pipe (4-output) Production Line

A high-performance manufacturing system that can concurrently create up to 4 PVC pipes of various diameters is a PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) pipe production line with 4 outputs. The manufacturing line consists of an extruder, a die head, a vacuum tank, a cooling system, a haul-off device, and a cutting device. The die head creates the appropriate pipe size and form while the extruder melts the PVC resin. The pipe production process is finished by the vacuum tank, cooling system, haul-off machine, and cutting machine. The 4-output system lowers manufacturing costs and improves production efficiency.

Features of PVC Pipe (4-output) Production Line

  • PVC four-outlet pipe diameter range:φ16-φ 50mm.

  • Producing four pipes simultaneously takes full advantage of extruder capacity, highly improving efficiency.

  • Excellent integration of automatic independent control of four-outlet hauler & cutter and four-outlet calibration.

  • Independent hauling and cutting of each pipe, decreasing the unqualified pipe.

Great appearance, reliable performance, high production efficiency, low energy consumption.

The PVC Pipe (4-output) Production Line includes several features that make it a high-performance and efficient system for manufacturing PVC pipes. One of the primary features is its ability to produce up to four different pipe sizes simultaneously, reducing production time and costs. The production line also includes a high-quality extruder, which ensures the consistent and accurate delivery of the PVC resin, while the die head produces pipes that meet industry standards. The use of a high-quality cooling system and vacuum tank ensures optimal pipe quality and strength. The haul-off machine and cutting machine ensure accurate cutting, while the entire system is designed for easy operation and maintenance.


Agriculture water supply and drainage system, construction water supply and drainage system, wiring laying system and etc.

Equipment Composition

Conical Twin Screw Extruder → PVC Four Outlet Pipe Mould → Vacuum Calibration Cooling Tank → Integrated Hauler and Cutter → Stacker.

Technical Specification of PVC Pipe (4-output) Production Line

Pipe Diameter (mm)Extruder ModelDownstreamVacuum TankHaulerCutter
(or SJZ-80/156)
GF-32*4500 0mmBeltSaw-Cutter/Non-dust Cutter
16-50SJZ-80/156GF- 50*45000mmBeltSaw-Cutter

Importance of Quality Control in PVC Pipe (4-Output) Production Line 

A PVC Pipe (4-Output) Production Line needs quality control to guarantee the uniformity and dependability of the PVC pipes it produces. The use of quality control procedures guarantees that the raw materials adhere to the necessary standards, maintains ideal processing conditions, and carries out routine inspections to find any flaws or problems. Without adequate quality control, it is more likely that pipes will be produced that are subpar or flawed, which might result in safety issues, problems with long-term durability, or expensive product recalls. In the end, quality control helps to optimize revenues by reducing waste and increasing production. It also helps to develop a manufacturer's reputation by fostering consumer confidence and trust.

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FAQs Of PVC Pipe (4-output) Production Line

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