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Product Details: Butt fusion welding is the most popular welding method for HDPE piping system and butt fusion welding machine is an industrial machine which is extensively demanded for welding purposes. The butt fusion welding machine are
Application feature: ●It was designed to be used in workshop to process elbow tee and cross these fittings according to setting angle and length to cut pipe. ●Cut pipe in any angle from 0-45can expand to 67.5. ●Automatic check band
RHJ series angle fusion machine Application feature ● Workshop machine used to weld PEPP same diameter elbow90tee and cross4560Y-shape tee elbow and straight pipe etc. ● Integrated structure design just change clamp while proces
Product Details: Socket fusion is a major welding method for small diameter pipes. Socket fusion welding machine is mainly used for welding pipes made from HDPE PPR. Socket fusion welding involves the use of a fitting. The process operatio

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